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What is a student discount?

A student discount is an offer on a product or service exclusively for students studying at school, college or university in the UK.

Discounts for students tend to be a percentage off the total price, but could also include offers such as free trials or buy-one-get-one-free.

Why do companies offer student discounts?

Companies offer discounts to students in recognition that students tend to have less money whilst studying. Brands are also keen to build long-term loyalty with young consumers.

Available student discounts are not always made obvious by companies, so often students need to ask the question.

This regularly updated student discount directory lists the current offers all in one place for students.

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How can I get more student discounts?

1. Always have your student discount card on you
2. Remember to ask every time you buy something
3. Stack your discount with other student deals
4. Use student discount on websites
5. Get ISIC membership for international student discounts

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Where can I get student discounts?

Hundreds of retailers and brand names across the UK offer students discounts. You can get a student discount at most high street retailers and online.

Look out for signs at the checkout, in shop windows and on websites. If you’re unsure, use the student discount search on Save the Student.

Alternatively, Google the retailer and add “student discount” to the search to see what comes up.

We have some separate guides if you are looking for things like newspaper student discounts.

How do I get a student discount?

Usually, you just need to show your student ID card in-store.

For online buying, you may be required to sign up to a student discount service like Unidays or Student Beans. These sites verify your student status for the retailer. You should be given a unique discount code to enter at the checkout.

Some online retailers will instead ask you to confirm your university email address (typically

Who can get a student discount?

If you are a student at school, college or university you should be eligible to redeem a student discount at a retailer.

There is no standard minimum or maximum age, it’s just based on your student status. Part-time students may also be able to get a student discount if they have a student ID card.

What are the best brands to offer student discounts?

Luckily, a lot of major brands offer a student discount, so make the most of it while you can. You can get access to between 10-25% off ASOS, 15% off Sephora and 10% off everything at Boots (yes, including already discounted items and clearance).

Amazon Prime also offers students a free 6 month trial as part of their student discount scheme. It gives you access to free next-day delivery, loads of Prime TV shows and movies, as well as Premier League football and other sports games.

What are the best food student discounts?

You may not have the budget to eat out all the time, but thanks to lots of restaurants and takeaways, you can save a bit of cash when you do treat yourself. One of the best food discounts you can get is between 35-50% off pizza at Domino’s. Burger King also offers a free chicken or vegan Royale when you purchase one.

Students can also make the most of Greggs’ student discount, so they can claim a free sausage roll or sweet treat. KFC also give away a free popcorn snack bucket when you spend £3 or more.

If you’re looking for cash off your weekly shop, Co-op offers 10% off to students.



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